Our purpose


At Frontera, we strive to operate with excellence and are committed to creating long-term value through the responsible and sustainable exploration and production of oil and gas. We value life, health and well-being, and promote the development of our communities, to work in harmony with the environment. 

To ensure a high-performance culture, we work collectively in an ethical and responsible manner, using our skills to grow the success of the Company and generate long-term value.

Our values inspire our decisions and our resources support our future endeavours; to lead Frontera and its partners to growth in a safe way.

Our ESG vision


Our commitments



Conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner and reduce our impact on the environment.


  • Responsible consumption and production.
  • Preservation and protection of natural resources within our operation. 
  • Climate strategy and the fight against climate change through: energy efficiency, clean energy consumption, prevention, reduction, mitigation of greenhouse gases (GHG) and energy transition (decarbonisation of the energy system).
  • Clean water and responsible sanitation management 



Health, Safety, and Workplace: Foster a work environment focused on health, safety, and environmental responsibilities.


  • Safe operating conditions, a culture of self-care, monitoring of occupational health and safety conditions, integrity of infrastructure and other assets, prevention of emergencies, and collaboration with contractors.
  • Promote the professional growth of employees and maximize employee performance with a focus on well-being and quality of life. 
  • Ensure fair and transparent hiring conditions. 
  • Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Foster healthy and respectful labor relations with employees, unions and contractors.


Engagement and Community Investment – Ensure strong working relationships with our stakeholders, deliver significant economic and social benefits, and create lasting change in the areas where we operate. 


  • Social investment grounded in an understanding of the needs in our area of influence. 
  • Promote day-to-day respect for individuals and surroundings based on relationships of trust.
  • Contributing to the development, competitiveness, and sustainability of the local communities where we operate.
  • Procedures to promote local businesses and ensure quality, safety, ethical behavior, transparency with our local suppliers.
  • Strong relationships with the people in our areas of influence and indigenous communities.
  • Timely and transparent communication with all stakeholders.



Conduct our business ethically, in compliance with laws and pursuant to our corporate values, and generate long-term value for our stakeholders.


  • Policies, guidelines, and actions consistent with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
  • Sound risk management and control processes.
  • Promote accountability and transparency across the organization.
  • Reporting on sustainability.
  • Promote respect for human rights.