Sustainability and responsible use of natural resources

Frontera Energy Corp. has the opportunity to use the natural resources of the countries where it operates in a responsible manner, generating sustainable development and greater social, regional and inter-generational equity, while achieving its goal of providing society with energy.

To achieve this goal, the Company seeks to exceed expectations for the area and reach beyond economic results.

Frontera Energy’s corporate vision aims to create value, hand-in-hand with its stakeholders, in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances everyone’s competitiveness and obtains the best results and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the surrounding areas, as well as creating opportunities for present and future generations.


Sustainability and Shared Value Model

In order to guarantee the sustainable and profitable performance of the business, Frontera Energy is continuously working to generate shared value while encouraging prosperity in the areas of influence. The Company has focused its efforts on seven commitments that promote value for its internal and external stakeholders: