Frontera’s Purpose


Frontera generates value through responsible and sustainable oil and gas exploration and production. We value life, health, and well-being. To ensure a high-performance culture, we work together in an ethical and responsible manner, using our skills to grow the success of the Company. Our values inspire our decisions and our resources support our future endeavours; to lead Frontera and its stakeholders to growth in a safe way by continually adding value and confidence.


Frontera’s Values


Under a culture of ethics and compliance, Frontera has four core values that guide the corporate and individual behaviour of our employees, allies, contractors and suppliers.

To live with integrity is to always act with honesty and transparency. It also means following the laws of the countries in which we operate and working within the corporate governance framework of the Company.

To live with respect is to recognize the value of each person and treat them kindly and empathetically. It means promoting an environment in which everyone
feels included and recognized, whereby all employment-related decisions are made without personal bias.

To live with commitment is to foster a work environment where we act as a team, with honest communication and cooperation among all of us. It means being accountable for our own decisions and working toward the goals of the Company.

To live with sustainability is to conduct our business in a safe, ethical and socially responsible manner, to promote the development of our communities, to work in
harmony with the environment and maximize our economic development, and to ensure reliable results that generate long-term value.


Frontera strives to facilitate a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, respects differences of opinion and beliefs, and strictly complies with regulatory environments.