Declaration of Ethics & Compliance


Frontera acts with INTEGRITY and maintains a commitment to ZERO tolerance regarding corruption and bribery. Together with our stakeholders, we seek business transparency in all the countries where we operate.


The Company has the best talent, with people COMMITTED to excellence and acting according to the values in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We act with RESPECT for human rights and regulatory environments.


Frontera works in harmony with the environment, aware of our impact.  We seek to operate without compromising the future of our surroundings, while contributing to the development of communities and generating value for all stakeholders in a SUSTAINABLE manner.


Frontera maintains internal control systems and compliance procedures that promote ethical and legal conduct focused on prevention of asset laundering, terrorist financing and bribery and corruption. Our objective is to grow in a safe environment, strengthening as a company and an active member of the industry and society.